Natural Facelift Massage

Natural Facelift Massage 
Watford & Bushey

The natural facelift massage (facial rejuvenation) in Watford and Bushey is a revitalising massage that aims at providing your skin with a glow and a wrinkle-free look. The massage is done without applying any products. It is just the magic of the professional hands that provides relaxation, soothe and radiance. Natural facelift massage is carried out with various hand movements. The treatment is an ideal treatment to soften the skin and enhance the complexion of your face. It tightens your face by reducing the wrinkles. Natural facelift message is recommended for seniors whose skin loosens with time. The natural facelift massage in Watford and Bushey helps them get a rejuvenated face by reducing the dark circles and lines.

Natural facelift massage not only improves the outer look but also assists in releasing facial muscle tightness. It promotes better circulation of the blood and treats head, neck and face in a healthy manner. The massage is friendly as it is non-invasive. You don’t need to opt for a surgery as the natural facelift massage is an ideal treatment to leave a lifting effect on the skin.
The natural facelift (facial rejuvenation) is also known as Indian facial massage. It is a combination of Indian (Ayurvedic) as well as Japanese (Amna) techniques. The massager applies acupressure to get rid of the blockages present in the specific areas. Most specialists suggest to have a 6 week treatment to have the desirable results.

The natural facelift massage (facial rejuvenation) in Watford and Bushey is a relaxing treatment. It helps in balancing your whole body and releasing the stress from it.

Tightens saggy skin

The natural facelift massage in Watford and Bushey is mainly recommended for people with a wrinkled or saggy skin. As the name indicates, the facelift massage lifts the facial contours. It stabilises the facial muscles, putting an uplifting effect on the face or skin.
Improves blood circulation 

Natural facelift stimulates blood circulation and supplies oxygen and nutrients to your skin, making it fresh and radiant. A right flow keeps your mind and body active. You remain fit and are able perform your tasks energetically.

Boosts immune system

The natural facelift massage helps in improving the immune system of the body. People with a healthy immune system are less likely to get sick. They have a healthy lifestyle than the people with a weak immunity.

Reduces stress related symptoms

Stress is the major cause of many health problems. A stressed out person might get headache, migraine, muscle tension or pain, eyestrains etc. The massage releases the muscles from congestion, helping your body relax. Moreover, the massage helps in removing the toxins from sore muscles, helping them relieve pain.

Treats insomnia

The natural facelift massage in Watford and Bushey is one of the best non-invasive remedies to treat insomnia. A six weeks facelift massage helps in improving the sleep cycle. A person, while being massaged, gets a soothing experience. He or she might get a deep sleep while the therapists strokes gently.   
Reduces stiffness in neck

The natural facelift massage is not only beneficial for the face but for the neck and shoulders as well. The hand movements help ease the stiffness of neck and shoulders. The massage releases the muscle tension, helping the body relax.

Price of natural facelift massage at Senseology

At the Senseology, I make sure my Indian facelift massage turns out to be a wonderful experience for you. The massage not only soothes you but also provides you with a fresh skin. Here is the price of the massage:
  • £40 for a 60-minute massage


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