Neals Yard Facial

Neals Yard Facial Watford & Bushey

The Neal’s Yard facial in Watford and Bushey is one of the reliable and holistic facials applied according to the skin types. It is a tailored facial treatment that is recommended after analysing your skin type and its requirements.

As the name implies, the Neal’s Yard facial is done using one of the most trustworthy and effective brands, “Neal’s Yard”.  
The Neal’s Yard remedies offers a wide range of organic natural health and beauty products. Due to their lasting effects, the Neal’s Yard products are widely chosen across the UK.

The facial provides your skin with a wide range of benefits. Your skin quickly loses the shine when exposed to pollution or high temperatures. It gets dull when you are working for long hours. You need to provide your skin with a special organic facial so that it remains fresh and radiant. The Neal’s Yard facial in Watford and Bushey is all about bringing a wonderful shine to your skin. You will feel young and confident after this wonderful facial.

Lightenes skin tones

The Neal’s Yard facial in Watford and Bushey is the impactful remedy that lightens your skin tone. The facial helps the skin to get rid of the pigmentation marks that settles underneath your skin.

Long-lasting benefits

The organic facial is pure, natural and free from any harmful chemicals. Therefore, you can rest assured that you won’t get irritation, inflammation or other skin related diseases. The organic facial provides lasting- benefits and enhances your skin shine.

Healthy skin

The Neal’s Yard facial in Watford and Bushey contributes to providing you with a healthier and refreshed skin. The facial meets the high standards. It helps decrease the damage caused by free radicals. Moreover, the Neal’s Yard facial boosts the production of collagen− a protein produced by our cells that holds the whole body together.


The Neal’s Yard facial is the best possible facial for dull skin. The facial removes all the dullness from your face and creates a wonderful radiance that makes you stand out among all. The Neal’s Yard facial is mainly applied to provide your skin with a glow. It eradicates the impurities, giving your skin a refreshed and younger look.

Reduces sun burns

Skin, when exposed to sun for a longer period usually gets sun burns. It is better to treat sun burnt skin through an effective organic facial. The organic facials are anti-oxidants that can remove sun burns efficiently.

Cleanses deep down

The Neal’s Yard facial not only cleanses the surface of the skin but deep down as well, making your skin clean, fresh and free from impurities.

Reduces the appearance of acne

The Neal’s Yard facial in Watford and Bushey is an astounding facial that is done using special Neal’s Yard products. The facial helps unclog the pores and reduces the appearance of acne. It rejuvenates the skin and provides it with a clean and healthy look.

Price of Neal’s Yard facial at Senseology

At the Senseology, I offer an incredible and beneficial Neal’s Yard facial to cater to your needs. The facial is also accompanied with a neck, shoulders and scalp massage.
  • £45 for a 60-minute facial


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